Serendipity and Support: Me and Motion Junkies

Sometimes life throws you something unexpected, that leads you down a path and direction to something so logical that you wish you could have seen the path yourself. And you are thankful that life threw you the chance to meet someone who introduced you to this path, idea, and direction.

That’s the way that I feel about announcing my affiliation in the UK with Motion Junkies.

In April 2011 I was on Twitter while at our family’s place on the Suffolk Coast in the UK.  I was writing about going for a long ride, and received a reply from Reflect Sports, the women behind Hoo-Ha Ride Glide (yes, you read that product name correctly).  Well, to make a long story short, they put me in touch with Dave at Motion Junkies, their UK distributor, to try out some samples of their product.  Not just Hoo-Ha, but also their H2O swim shampoo product range.

Well, you may remember that last year I did this little swim across the Chesapeake.  And I spent a lot of time in the pool in the lead up to June.  A. Lot.  It gave me a great chance to try out the Reflect H2O range – I’ll do a full review of that separately, but to sum it up in three words: I LOVED IT.  My hair smelt like HAIR for the first time post swim in forever.

Over the course of 2011 I talked with Dave of Motion Junkies, ordered more products, tried a few other products out.  And then we got to talking – could we develop an affiliation in 2012 where he could not only support my athletic endeavours with discounts for products I LOVE, but also where he could contribute a portion of all sales referred by me to my chosen charity.

When this was offered to me, it was like puzzle pieces clicking into place.  Through triathlon I would be able develop a brand affiliation to benefit not only me, but also to benefit my chosen charity.  The support a company could offer to me could be extended to support the fundraising vital for research into a cure to my nerve disease.

I spoke with Dave in the autumn and discussed the details.  When I hung up the phone I cried, overwhelmed by the creativity and compassion that had come my way.  Through a serendipitous tweet on spring day in the UK.

Serendipity (noun): The phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for.

I am proud to associate with Motion Junkies for my 2012 triathlon season.  For UK residents who wish to order Reflect Sports and Joshua Tree products distributed by Motion Junkies, if you order through me a 20% discount will be applied, and an additional minimum of 10% from orders will be contributed to the CMT Association in support of the cure for CMT.  For US residents, through an affiliation with Reflect Sports, I can extend a code for 25% off orders which you can make directly through their site. 

Just hit me up with an email if you want the details to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or via Twitter or Facebook.

(Note: I am placing an order for Reflect products with Dave on Tuesday 21 February, so please get in touch by Monday 20 February if you would like to join my order)

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