On Wine…

It is no secret. I enjoy wine. Especially with a meal, but often as an after work drink on its own.

I first decided to learn about wine when I lived in Japan.  I joined a wine club, and bought two bottles a month for home delivery.  I got to sample wines from small estates in California, and discovered that when wine is grown in fields next to asparagus, the wine can actually have hints of asparagus in its taste.  I learned all about corked wine too – I drank the worst Gewurzstraminer ever from one of the deliveries, and to this day still have an aversion to that grape because of that corked bottle in 1994…  When we moved home in 2006 I consulted my French colleagues to choose the brand of wine refrigerator I would buy.  And I joined another wine club.  Every few months I get a home delivery, to learn more about wine and to continue to enjoy trying new things (but I still avoid the Gewurzstraminers)…

Yes, I enjoy wine.

Last weekend DH and I had a wine discussion.  We decided it has become just a little *too easy* for us to have a glass or two of wine at home, after work, on most days of the week.  That opening a bottle had just become a little *too* automatic.

So we’re implementing a change. Now, each time before we reach for a glass, we have decided to ask each other if we *really* want a glass of wine, or if a glass of water, or cordial, would be just as satisfying.

Just a little more mindfulness in our daily routines.  So that we make choices, rather than defaults.

I know this will be good for us.  Wine is just empty calorie intake and it can lead to water retention.  I know that when I reduce the amount I drink I almost automatically drop weight.  And I know that drinking less helps me with both triathlon training and recovery – it sounds obvious, but in 2010 I experimented with not drinking while triathlon training and saw that being active is just easier when I am drinking less…

But tonight… Tonight is Friday. And without asking the question, I can pretty much guarantee a glass of wine with dinner tonight. In this case, there’s always tomorrow!

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