Giveaway: Green Vibrance!

As some of you may know, last year I began to work with the Holisticguru (Christine Lynch) to address balance in my life – from nutrition to lifestyle to healthy living choices.  The programme worked through was perfect for me, allowing me time to choose goals, embed them into my life, and to experiment with things to help me to achieve results.*

One of the suggestions that Christine gave me was to use a green supplement in my daily diet.  “Green supplement?”, I hear you say.  Yes, green.

Green is the colour of leafy vegetables – high in magnesium.  It is the colour of stalk like vegetables – high in calcium.  It is the colour of sea vegetables – purported to be helpful as anti-inflammatories.  It is the colour of tea – proven to be a cancer fighting agent. And green supplements are plentiful in the market – perhaps more so in the United States than the United Kingdom, but plentiful nonetheless.

There are so many brands out there of green stuff.  There’s the brand I first hear of (randomly) in 1999 at a work conference in Atlanta – Juice Plus.  There’s the homemade Green Monster Movement smoothie website (which is inspiring for green smoothie ideas).  There’s the Amazing Grass Green Superfood.  There’s everyone’s favourite, spirulina.  Or perhaps you choose to ingest green with green tea.

And then there is the supplement I chose to try in my diet – Green Vibrance.

The jury, quite frankly, is out about the actual impact or effectiveness of such types of supplements as a green powder.  But after discussion with my neurophysiotherapy team, I decided that even if the impact would be that of a placebo (meaning – only in my head) that since the ingredients were natural and would not damage my nerves, I would give it a go, and add it into my routine.

Let’s be clear – you don’t really take Green Vibrance because it tastes good. Frankly, it tastes like grass.  But you do take it for the extra minerals it adds to your diet, the probiotics, the belief that supplements may have some sort of benefit for you.  Let’s also be clear – I am not a medical practitioner, or a nutritionist.  I am on a journey to learn about what works for me, and I am experimenting by adding things like Green Vibrance to my daily routines to see if they help me.

For me, adding Green Vibrance has been a nice addition to my routines.  I mix it with my breakfast juice, or smoothies.  Who knows if the reason is a lower training volume in the winter, or the benefits of the supplementation, but my leg cramps have lessened.  I have become a fan of the product.  So I reached out to their UK distributor, Roddy at Water for Health, and I am so happy that Roddy has given a box of 15 single serving packs of Green Vibrance to me to give to one lucky entrant.

Entering this giveaway is easy

1.  Go to the Green Vibrance UK site
2.  Find the list of ingredients
3.  Post one of those ingredients in the Green Vibrance mix as a comment to this site – making sure to fill in your correct email on the comment form (your email will not be published but I need to be able to contact you when the contest finishes)

Using a random selector I will choose a winner on Friday morning 18 February, GMT, so that I can post the box to you that day (before I head off on a week of triathlon training to Spain!).

Good luck, and here’s to being green!

*I will blog all about my programme with the Holisticguru when I get back from Spain!  She’s running the nutrition and yoga portion of the Strong Like Bull Training Camp!

8 responses to “Giveaway: Green Vibrance!”

  1. Good that I only have to give one ingredient one time, and not all the ingredients the number of times they’re in one serving. If so, I’d have to put Lactobacillus rhamnosus HA-111 2,5 billion times here, not to mention the other ingredients.

  2. I just wanted to thank you all for participating! 

    One thing I would like to make clear – the reason I started to take Green Vibrance (on the recommendation of Christine) was that I was having a never-ending craving for green vegetables.  I always snack on vegetables – but in the middle of 2010 the cravings were so intense that I would have plates of vegetables for dinner, and it was not killing the craving.  Green Vibrance has helped me to control this, probably by filling a gap that my body have (even though I was eating an insane amount of green).  I would always prefer to obtain nutrition from food, and this is not a substitute for healthy eating – but merely a supplement or a way to ensure you have what your body wants.

  3. Broccoli sprout powder (certified organic)
    I’m a Green fan myself!
    The list is rediculasly long. I’m not so sure about the interaction of all these ingredients put together, but I’m pretty sure that your muscle contractions were influenced directly from this. I mean, you get pretty much every mineral known to man in this powder so you are bound to get a reaction from the nerve system.
    Keep up the good work and I hope i’m lucky enough to win smile

  4. My ingredient: Silymarin milk thistle extract – just because I love the name.
    I am a long time user of Green Vibrance and am sure it has a lot to do with the lessening of inflammation in my lumbar spine. I am much less symptomatic and can only think GV is the reason.

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