What is #fitblog?

So today I *finally* get to participate in #fitblog!  But, wait, you say.  What is #fitblog.

On Twitter, by putting a # in front of a word, you can make that word searchable, on a live time basis.  You can type the full term (e.g. #fitblog) into the search button and it will pull up a live stream of all entries on the subject.

People began to use the # filters for live chats on Twitter probably in 2009.  Sites like TweetChat have been designed to allow chat participants to view and manage live chat better.

For a good long while I have been following the #fitblog tag on Twitter – finding folks interested in health and fitness to follow and share with.  And #fitblog has its own chat as well – but always on Tuesday at 9pm Eastern Time.  Damn.  Unless I had insomnia I’d never be able to participate.  Or would I?

I asked Katy Widrick, one of the original forces of energy behind #fitblog, if a new chat time could be launched for #fitblog – one that would enable folks in Europe, as well as those who would prefer daytime US chats, to join in.  A few months later, and the first “Daytime” #fitblog is starting, today, moderated by yours truly.

With any chat, it is up to the moderator to set the questions, and drive the responses and info flow.  And to keep a look out on time (which for those of you who know me may be a challenge for me!).  I have never moderated a chat before, so wish me luck. 

To join in, simply log onto FitBlogChats with your Twitter id.  The Questions will be started with Q1 (Q2, Q3, etc), and make sure to start your answers with A1, A2, etc (according to the question you are answering).  End your post with #fitblog so that it can flow into the conversation stream.  And feel free to write back to individuals who are also participating, adding the #fitblog tag too, so that your insights can be shared further with the community!  Simple, huh?!

Here is the set of questions for the first Monday #fitblog chat.  Even if you can’t participate, lots of people are using the questions as an inspiration for a blog post, and then tweeting the post link along with the #fitblog tag so that those in the #fitblog community can follow along / read more.

I hope to see you today, at 1830 GMT (1930 CET), or for our US friends, 1.30pm Eastern, 12.30 Central, 11.30 Mountain and 10.30 Pacific.  grin

Topic: Beating the Mid-Winter Blues

Q1) What healthy changes did you make in January, that you are still doing in February?
Q2) How do you keep motivated during February?
Q3) It seems like everyone has fought a cold/flu this winter – what are your best tips to keep colds/flu away?
Q4) When you are sick, do you exercise?
Q5) If Valentine’s Day is about showing your love for someone, how will you show yourself some love this month? 

I’ll post my thoughts on the chat, as well as my answers, later (after the event).  Chat with you later!

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