#FebSkip: Thoughts from @mara_mum

So… Have you jumped to it and joined in the skipping and jumping rope?

I follow the hashtag #FebSkip on Twitter, and Vic (aka @mara_mum) posted some great thoughts about skipping.  I asked her if I could share these on my blog… So over to Vic:

I did 6 x 3min with 1 min recovery. To music, found my rhythm, just snapped along. 

These are the steps I was doing:

Click here for a link to a YouTube video (the embed option was disabled – sorry!)

I used to do a lot of skipping years ago.  The biggest mistake beginners make is going too fast making heart rate shoot up.

Try to do the skipping actions first without the rope, and compare your heart rate when you use the rope.

Liken it to a new runner who blows up after half a mile becuase they go out at a 9 minute mile pace when their pace should be 13 minute miles.

Skipping is all about control first, then add the pace. Just like running… Build the time on the feet, then ice the cake with speed.

Special thanks to Vic for sharing these thoughts – and if you have any thoughts you’d like to share, feel free to email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or shoot me a tweet. Hop to it!

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