Darren Smith: Canadian Paratriathlete

I asked Darren Smith to share his story about paratriathlon, and classification. Darren is a paratriathlete and has competed at the International Triathlon Union Paratriathlon World Championships in Vancouver as well as Budapest.  I met Darren on Twitter and we have exchanged messages about our lives as challenged athletes for almost 2 years now. Darren […]

Clare’s Take: Paratriathlon in the Paralympics

I asked Clare Cunningham, 2009 World Champion Paratriathlete (TRI4 classification, or arm impairment), if she would be willing to share her thoughts on the Paratriathlon Paralympic decision.  Clare kindly has contributed this guest post. I met Clare only briefly on the British Triathlon Federation Paratriathlon Open Day in late 2010.  But I think I have […]

Paratriathlon: A Paralympic Sport!

On December 11th, Paratriathlon was added as an official Paralympic sport, from the 2016 Rio Paralympic games. This marks a huge milestone for triathlon.  It shows that the sport is now inclusive, open to all types of athletes.  It is vital for challenged athletes, adding a clear goal and internationally recognisable milestone for many.  And […]

Tradition: Christmas Thoughts

It is Christmas Eve.  To me, Christmas Eve marks a few things.  Tradition, and family. The 2010 Christmas Song Challenge Clearly others look at Christmas as a time for tradition as well.  The results from the 2010 Christmas Song Challenge are: 1.  Nat King Cole – A Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) […]

Sleighbells Ring…

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Deck the halls with boughs of holly… “Fa la la la” and a bit of Christmas cheer on Beating Limitations! Sony got my street into the holiday spirit in October (yes, it’s fake snow)… And then Mother Nature chimed in just a few weeks ago with the real thing… […]

I wanna be like Ghostface Killah…

The year is winding down. In November and December, things tend toward the “less busy” side at work, and although we have a lot of meetings that wrap up the year and set things up for the New Year, a lot of the pressure lifts.  With less pressure it means I can spend a little […]

Hello 40!

Yesterday I was out to dinner with DH, and my friend Val and her boy.  We were joking around about birthdays and getting old, then suddenly I realised something.  I was the only 40 year old at the table.  I have always said that for me, birthdays are a chance to celebrate.  That the number […]

LCD Soundsystem…

What can I say?  I live with a fanboy.  DH is a complete LCD Soundsystem fanboy.I think he first introduced me to LCD Soundsystem in late 2006, possibly early 2007.  I can’t quite remember.  I do remember sitting in one of our local pubs one evening in early 2007 – The Alice – they have […]

Random Thoughts as I Approach the Big 4-0

So, the big date is fast approaching.  The big 4-0… Me on the left, with my friend Fran, celebrating our 40th birthdays by swimming a mile in September A new look And on my 40th birthday, I will also relaunch this website. My Year of Fitness was designed to be longer than a year.  It […]

Wu Wei: My reflections on being a dead fish…

A few weeks ago I had a Twitter exchange with Alexsandar (aka @trishaman). It all started with one of his Random Thoughts of the Day (#RTOD): Only dead fish go with the current. To which I glibly replied: “Well, what about “going with the flow” or Wu Wei…” Wu Wei… Wu Wei is from Chinese […]