The Teapigs Matcha Challenge

In December teapigs contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in participating in their New Year matcha challenge.  As you might remember from my December blog about my nutritionist visit, matcha is on the list of things for me to “take” to rebuild my system after getting totally run down with a […]

A Good Bike Fit, revisited

Many of you may know that I have been having a few issues with my bike.  Bike rides were inflaming my peroneal tendons (the peroneal muscle atrophies in people with CMT, making us more susceptible to tendinitis).  Achy feet. No fun!  And also I was getting, well, a bit of pressure on the (ahem) “saddle […]

Giveaway: Green Vibrance!

As some of you may know, last year I began to work with the Holisticguru (Christine Lynch) to address balance in my life – from nutrition to lifestyle to healthy living choices.  The programme worked through was perfect for me, allowing me time to choose goals, embed them into my life, and to experiment with […]

The Regimen Giveaway Wrap-up

Isn’t it crazy how one thought can lead to another?  The Regimen giveaway I hosted from the 7th to 17th of January closed last Monday evening.  And when I tried to log in to post my wrap up / retrieve the emails of entrants, I found myself suddenly thinking about how lucky I was to […]

The Real World Food Challenge

I do triathlon. I love to cook. I believe in fresh yumminess. I am intensely interested in all things food related. I also tweet, write (this blog), and read (non fiction, fiction, twitter, cookbooks, recipes, other blogs – you name it). The other day two of the tweeting blogging triathletes I follow, Megan and Sonja, […]

Product Review: Action Wipes

In early 2010 I received a tweet from Martha Van Inwegen – Martha offered to send me some Action Wipes .  I had heard about Action Wipes – basically like wet wipes but from natural ingredients and perfect for cycling, removing chain grease, and freshening up when you don’t have a shower close by.  I […]