Autumn: Pumpkins abound, time for soup!

I love autumn.  Of course here in the UK it means darkness, rain, and a chill in the air.  But I can’t shake the memories of being on the east coast of the US, enjoying the crisp air and the colours of the trees, football season, visits to the pumpkin patch and hayrides…  Ok, maybe […]

Banana Bread: not for monkeys!

On Tuesday I posted to Twitter that I was going home to make banana bread on my day off from training.  The response was incredible – everywhere from “it is bad for you!” to “I eat banana bread on my long runs and rides”. We had a conversation at work as well on Tuesday, about […]

No, there are no tortillas in London…

I’ve lived in London for just over 12 years now.  And for 12 years, I have had to manage to satisfy my cravings for Mexican food through my business trips to Houston.  Sure, in the past few years a few Mexican places have opened up in London that kind of approach the most basic standards […]

Who needs Starbuck’s, anyway?

About a week ago I happened in on the tail end of a conversation about Starbuck’s muffins. Now, as some of you may know from a few weeks ago, I am a big defender of the muffin.  In particular, the home-made variety.  So when said conversation started to promote the joy of the Starbuck’s muffin, […]

Just like mom made it (kind of): Scallop Stirfry

A few weeks ago I bounced around the idea of doing occasional Friday fit tips and food things on my blog.  The fit tips will come from my physio (yes, Michael, I am still waiting for the slides!) but the food tips will come from yours truly.  Based on what I love in the kitchen.  […]

Muffins and Muffin Tops…

In the last months, as I have followed more folks on Twitter, I have seen my Twitterfeed periodically overwhelmed by muffin bashing.  Two types of muffin bashing.  First, the outright disparaging comments about folks who carry extra weight around their middle, leading to belly overspill around the trouser / lycra waistband area.  And second, the […]