That Face

20150509 Felix

That’s Felix.

After sending him to The Dog House in Wales for ten weeks earlier this year (following his “look at me I’m chasing a herd of cows” incident), he’s been back at home with us for just over a month.

Ten weeks was a long time without that face.

What I learned when Felix was gone…

1. It is really hard to end the day on a bad note when you have that face looking at you…

2. We eat out much less when Felix is around…

3. We also walk a lot more when Felix is around. On Saturday we easily walked 5k, and Sunday about 8k…

4. As a consequence of points two and three above, my clothes fit much better when he’s around!

5. I have very little patience any more for people who do not like dogs. I mean – how could you not like dogs, especially one’s with that kind of face?!

I am so glad that the little guy is home now.

You can catch more snippets of my life with Felix on his Facebook page, or on my Instagram feed

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