Goodbye 44, Hello 45

I turned 45 last week. Goodbye 44, Hello 45!

Maybe if I say that enough it will sink in. I just celebrated my 45th birthday. 4-5.

To be honest with you, I have been more than ready to start my new year. Don’t get me wrong. 44 was awesome and included many highpoints.

Like celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary with the king of my heart.

Goodbye 44 - Defi Monte Cristo

Like swimming my first ever 10km swim.

Goodbye 44 - Dart 10km swim 2015

Like placing third in the ITU Open Paratriathlon World Championships.

Goodbye 44 - ITU Open Paratriathlon 2015 World Championships

And being named Female Paratriathlete of the Year by Triathlon London.

Goodbye 44 - Triathlon London Female Paratriathlete 2015

And raising over $6,000 for the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association this year mostly by dying my hair blue.

Goodbye 44 - GoBlue4CMT fundraiser

But I also said goodbye to my dad. That has been really hard.

Goodbye 44 - Robert Lee DeWick

Like knowing that this year I would not hear a voice mail saying “you look like a monkey and you smell like one too” on my birthday. Yeah. That was a hard moment.

Thankfully I’ve had my sister with me. Not just my sister, but one of my best friends. She always has my back. I could not have made it through 44 without her!

Goodbye 44 - #ThisBodyCan Sisters

I know we are both ready for a new year. And for me, last week marks the beginning of mine.

Goodbye 44. I’m ready for my new year. Here’s to 45. May it be a good one!

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