And then she turned 44…

On Monday I turned 44. The day was like any other day, except for the small fact it was my birthday.

The day…

Like almost any other day, I woke up to these guys.

Photo by Nina Sologubenko

I took Felix (the young dog) for a walk. And then I went to work.

A very low key way to start a birthday.

A donut…

My office has a tradition, which is that those who have their birthdays buy cake for the office.

I decided to supply Krispy Kreme for morning coffee. So I ate a donut. And it was tasty.

An early departure…

I left work early on Monday. Not to indulge in an afternoon off, but to get my annual mammogram.

The courtyard at St Bart’s Hospital

Birthdays. Not just a day for indulgence. But a day for self care.

A pick me up…

I never really enjoy hospital visits, and my annual mammogram makes me think of (and miss desperately) my mom.

So when I got home I did what all good triathletes do when they feel low – especially in off season months.

I registered for a race.

I signed up for the Arctic One Tri and Paratri Festival at Dorney Lake on 28 June 2015.

What better way to mark my birthday than to sign up for a race? My first registered race for the 2015 season!

The meal…

Everyone knows you are supposed to go out for a meal on your birthday, right? Well, on Monday we stayed in.

My choice to stay in – and my choice of dinner too (which I prepared the night before).

Pumpkin ravioli

Yes. Stayed at home. Ate a meal I prepped (I did not cook it though). Did dishes (because I actually don’t mind doing dishes).

My idea of a perfect evening!

And the after…

After the excitement of presents (my dog sure does know how to pick the best presents ever!) I thought just relaxing in front of the TV would make a nice indulgent end to the day – especially as just watching television is not something we do often.

So we headed upstairs and I settled in for a relaxed cozy evening.

I promptly fell asleep!

The start of a new year…

I guess you could say that I started 44 in a very low key way – relaxed, at home, with those I love.  My idea of perfect.

I hope the rest of the year ahead shapes up in a similar way – relaxed and full of love!


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