Goodbye 44, Hello 45

I turned 45 last week. Goodbye 44, Hello 45! Maybe if I say that enough it will sink in. I just celebrated my 45th birthday. 4-5. To be honest with you, I have been more than ready to start my new year. Don’t get me wrong. 44 was awesome and included many highpoints. Like celebrating […]

A Bit of Thumper Wisdom

In the past few weeks I have been astounded by the peoples of the internet. They all need to go back to Disney School to take heed of some Thumper Basics. Why is it that when some folks aren’t forced to have an “in person” conversation but instead can sit behind a keyboard and screen, all common courtesies […]

Paratriathlon: Giving Back

I have written before about my core values – my belief system that my parents helped to shape… If you can do something, do it. If you can give something, give it. If you love something, figure out a way to give back to it. It is no surprise to anyone who reads this blog […]