Issues with my Tissues: A Review

In 2014 a documentary about Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Issues with my Tissues, was released. The 48 minute film chronicles the journey of Lara Bloom, Chief Operations Officer for Ehlers Danlos Support in the UK, as she trains for (and does!) the London Marathon. First off, I have to hand it to Lara. She does a […]


Oh cobbles. Most days I go about life, more or less unaware that I have a nerve disease. And then somedays I walk on cobblestones. And I remember. The uneven surface of the cobbles is murder on my ankles. I have a real tendency to roll my ankles due to the muscle atrophy I have […]

The Stars in My Life

I’ve often said that friendships are the stars in my life. Shared memories their light. Some friends may be fleeting, in our life for a moment. Some may be around for years and years, our suns. But no matter if fleeting or forever, the memories… Those shared memories stay with us, forming our own personal constellations, […]


Evolution. Change. It is ALWAYS difficult, on some level. This past week I have felt a lot of things come to a head when it comes to facing up to changes. Community Life I am involved in assessing a big development planned for my community, some of it on my street. It is quite simply (and […]

Are Flowers Frivolous?

This morning I was scrolling through my social media feed and happened upon a gorgeous picture of some flowers. The caption was something along the lines of “Beautiful and so nice to have something frivolous.” (not a direct quote in case you go searching!) I have to admit I stopped, took a deep breath, stopped myself […]

Quick Catch Up

Grab a beverage of your choice, and pull up a chair. It has been a while, and it is time for a quick catch up. Me? I’ll have a bottle of rootbeer. In fact, I had one on Saturday. Rootbeer has to be my number one guilty pleasure beverage. And to my horror I discovered that the diner […]