Detox Yourself?

Over 10 years ago I got interested in food.  Not just eating – I had been a lifelong adventurous eater, open to trying anything and everything, loving the experience of eating not just the function.  No, when I say interested I mean “interested in food for health”. ~ 1 ~ It all started when my […]

Why Language Matters: Epicly Dangerous

I have been thinking about writing a blog post on language for a while. Some of the images I see floating around in the world of triathlon, the statements I read on Twitter, the motivational images that pop up on my timeline in Instagram and Facebook… They all use language liberally to evoke emotion and […]

Swimming, Swimming…

I have the worst earworm. You know the camp song “swimming, swimming, in our swimming pool, when days are hot and days are cold, in our swimming pool…” Yeah. That one. Do you have the earworm now too? ~ 1 ~ I finally got back into training last week, and back into the pool. It […]

Dry January?

Each year LOTS of people I know decide to give up alcohol for January.  I’ve even done it once myself, in 2004 when I decided to kickstart training for the Moonwalk walking marathon. That year I did a January Detox (no red meat, no nightshades, no alcohol, lots of “none of this or that” in […]

Supplements: Plates AND Pills, an experiment

In 2009 when I became a part of the CMT patient research pool at the Institute for Neurology in London, I gave up all supplements. At that time, I had been taking Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Glucosamine / Chondroitin, and Co-Creatine. I stopped supplements because as a participant in a strength based research study (looking […]