2013 London Triathlon: Mechanical DNF

I spent yesterday afternoon alternating between swings of optimism, and pits of disappointment.  Yesterday’s London Triathlon did not go the way that I had intended.  Just at the start of the bike course I down shifted as we approached one of the many road overpasses the course has to offer.  As I downshifted I was […]

Every Race Is A Gift

Earlier this year I was told by doctors that the structure of my knee meant that I should stop running – IMMEDIATELY.  I hated this binary answer.  So I took the doctor’s advice and made an appointment with a sports medicine doctor – someone who would help me to develop a rehabilitation strategy.  The sports […]

Coffee Date

If we were sitting down, having a cup of coffee… …Chances are we would be having coffee at my house.  I love my coffee machine, and would show you it with pride (it is one of the single best investments in household appliances that I have ever made, with my Vitamix running a close second). […]

In Numbers: May & June

Somehow posting May in numbers just didn’t seem a priority while on holidays.  So this month, now that my holidays are (almost) officially over (I just have a few quick trips left this summer – but no major time off boo hoo), I though I would combine May and June. The past few months have […]

#summergratitude: June 21-29 round-up

On Sunday, as I started my day, the following post by one of my friends caught my attention: “Gratitude is the root of happiness.” I thought this perfectly sums up our approach to #summergratitude. For both Kelly and I, summer is our favourite season.  We decided in 2011 to mark our love for summer with […]