The BUPA 10k: A Patient Runner

Yesterday I did the BUPA 10k in London as a part of Team Brain Appeal – the fundraising team for the Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.  I was the first ever neurology patient on the team (they have had muscular patients run with them before) and I joked […]

A Podium! Runner Up, Galvin Tarte Tatin Competition

Today is a “race report” of a different variety.  This one being a BAKING COMPETITION.  Yep.  Baking.  As in swim BAKE run.  Haha!  Saturday was the inaugural Galvin Restaurants Tarte Tatin Competition.  The Galvin group of restaurants are some of my favourite places to eat in central London.  Pretty much every Thursday night after swimming […]

Write This Run: Mission Accomplished!

On Sunday I had the opportunity to speak at the Write This Run run blogger conference just outside of London.  What a phenomenal event and phenomenal experience for me, and from what I’ve been reading it seems that everyone who attended felt the same. I was contacted early this year by Laura Fountain of Lazy […]

Endurance Foodies: Summertime Fare (Slaw!)

Another month, another #endurancefoodies blog carnival! What is that, you ask?  Well, Jason from Cook Train Eat Race is bringing together athletes who like to cook and eat to share recipes each month, with a theme to our postings.  This month’s theme?  BBQs and picnics – also known as summertime fare!  When I was thinking […]

A Whirlwind Life: Training, Travel and More

It is incredible how nearly three weeks have passed since my last post.  In my head there are literally thousands of entries waiting to be written.  But an incredibly busy schedule led to me hitting pause on writing and publishing.  Thankfully attending Write This Run yesterday, and having the opportunity to share my story as […]