#BestFoot Week 2: Training in Review

One thing is becoming clear to me as I move from off-season to early season training – I am probably the most consistent I have ever been.  I can’t recall a time when I trained through the winter, making sure to hit the gym SO REGULARLY – and I can’t remember looking forward to trainng […]

Spring Bootie Buster Challenge? #BestFoot?

Spring bootie buster challenge?  #BestFoot?  What the what? I was reading my friend Jen’s blog when I happened upon this logo and link to information about the #bestfoot Spring Bootie Buster Challenge. Jen said she did the winter challenge which had her in great shape for the Ragnar Key West relay.  What was this all […]

February in Numbers

Another month has flown by, another month of training in the books.  I started February having been told I could no longer run, but also having placed an order for two more pairs of Saucony running shoes.  I live a life full of contradictions!  If there is one thing that February taught me, it is […]