An Open Letter About The CMTA

Dear Reader: It should come as no surprise that I am about to write this.  I told you a long time ago that I chose the charity that I support – the Charcot Marie Tooth Association – after deliberation, research and discussion with its staff.  I decided in 2009 that I needed to become an […]

October = Off-tober

I started off my October saying that the month would be about all the good R words – recovery and rest, rejuvenation and re-energising, rehabilitation and re-starting.  I think on balance I have achieved what I set out to, although I had to take note of a very important R word along the way – […]

Getting Strong, Discovering SITC Bootcamp

If you have followed my blog or Twitter account (or my recently deactivated Dailymile account) you will know that of all things triathlon, the one aspect of training that (perhaps) I avoid more than running (which I avoid due to injury) is core and strength work.  It is truly ironic, as I have always thought […]

Operation October: Rehab

A few posts ago I touched on my “Operation October” – a month where I would focus on doing all the good “R” words, things like revitalising, refreshing, recommitting.  And also rehab. As pretty much everyone knows, I have had some serious issues with my feet – and in particular my right foot.  For about […]

On Racing and Results…

Back in August I did the Rev3 Aquabike.  I did the race for experience.  I told myself before the race that the result did not matter.  When I exited the water I looked at my Garmin, and I know I could have swum faster.  I was a bit disappointed but reassured myself—“The RESULT does not […]

On Autumn and Apples

It’s autumn, and apple season.  It is a time for the smells of cinnamon to waft through the house.  To go to apple orchards, to have apples in the weekly vegetable box delivery, and to look for ways to cook with apples. I think this is my first ever Sunday blog post.  I love Sundays […]