London 2012 Olympics – Living The Games Diary #2

Last week saw me not only busy with the road cycling event and related training, but I was also fortunate enough to receive a free ticket to the technical rehearsals for the opening ceremonies.  Everyone volunteering at The Games was invited to enter a contest to win a ticket – and of course I entered […]

London 2012 Olympics – Living The Games Diary #1

I don’t know where to begin. For the past 10 days I have been sucked into Olympic-mania.  It started with training at Sandown for all road event volunteers – all the volunteers for the marathon, race walking, road cycling, cycling time trial and triathlon events gathered over the weekend of July 21st to have the […]

London 2012 – My Olympic Plans

I *love* The Olympics. I remember being glued to the television when I was a kid and loving the grace of the figure skaters and gymnasts, the speed of the track stars.  I wanted to glide like the swimmers, spin like the divers, but I have to admit I never really wanted the nose clips […]

Run Dem Crew Mission Impossible

This weekend I was looking forward to doing two things to get the feel for endurance events now that I am officially over my rib fractures.  I was looking forward to the Hampton Court 2.25 mile Thames Swim (which I was doing for fun with my running coach James) and I was also looking forward […]

Another 5 for Friday

Two weeks ago I did a 5 things for Friday post, some things that had caught my attention and been on my mind during the week.  It got a lot of positive feedback, so I have decided to make it a regular feature.  Here’s another five things that have had me thinking over the past […]

My Morning Ritual – The Smoothie

Last year I purchased a Vitamix – one of the few kitchen toys on my wish list – and since then I have religiously made morning juice cocktails.  I have done green smoothies, berry smoothies, carrot and coconut water drinks – you name it.  But a few months ago I hit on the “macadamia nut […]

In My Shoes…

In Monday’s post I discussed some of the things I had done during my recovery from fractured ribs.  In addition to more time on my bike training and experimenting with the anti-gravity treadmill, I also had time to take a step back and think about me and running. As long-time readers of this blog and […]

Back in the Saddle, It’s Time to Rebuild!

Finally. 6 weeks after my rib fracture and I *finally* am feeling good again. I think I can officially say that I am out of the recovery zone and into the rebuilding zone. I’m feeling so good that on Saturday evening I managed about 55km on the bike after already having swum 2km in the […]

Friday Fotos: My Home Team

I am a born American – and I also carry British citizenship.  My heart lies in two countries.  Although if I had to choose one nationality, I know what it would be… Wednesday was Independence Day in the US.  Ironic that I carry both citizenships isn’t it?  Well nowadays we all believe in the “special […]

Summer Goodness: BBQ Salmon and Quinoa Salad

There is something about summer – the weather warms up and the warmer evenings bring with them any excuse for a BBQ.  We finished works on our house in late 2011 – which included a new outdoor bar-be-cue space.  By April we made sure that things out back were tidied up, all the remaining building […]