The CapTex Triathlon: My Race

It seems so surreal that on Monday I raced in Texas, and here I sit today, Thursday, in London.  The past week has been a blur – travel, jetlag, emotions, pain. At one stage of the weekend I was on the phone to DH, going through some of what was in my head.  “Why did […]

Chocolate Sorbet

I spent the weekend in Texas and just got back to London this morning.  It seems like London and Texas had the same weather over the weekend – hot and sunny.  Perfect ice cream weather.  After I finished the CapTexTri and headed to the airport I managed to squeeze in a visit to Amy’s ice […]

It will be MY RACE

It is two sleeps until I leave for Austin Texas and the USA Paratriathlon Nationals.  I gotta admit – I am nervous.  And I have been trying to figure out why.  I think it all comes back to the expectations I am lumping onto myself. I have wanted to do this race ever since I […]

Why? Thoughts on Paratriathlon…

A lot of people have asked me questions about paratriathlon, how I got involved in it, and my upcoming race at the end of May at the USA Paratriathlon National Championships.  So I thought I’d take the opportunity, about one week from the day I depart for Texas, to share some of my responses and […]

Head versus Heart

On Sunday I went for a run along the Suffolk coast.  It was a cold, grey, awful day.  Was it really May? When I stepped out of the house I flipped my iPod over to the “purchased music” selection, and scrolled through.  I put on the tunes my friend Kate had recommended to me. Kate […]

Cybher Meet & Greet

On Saturday I will be going to Cybher, the blogging conference held in London with the awesome tagline “Geek is the New Chic”. Anyway, I’m excited about going for a whole host of really geeked out reasons.  Before I registered in March I often said that I wished that the UK had conferences for its […]

May = Hope

I headed out to the countryside over the weekend to take a break from London.  To get some fresh air.  To clear my head and to have some space to make some decisions.  And to enjoy signs of spring – even though it hasn’t felt spring like that clearly has not stopped the flowers! I […]

White Flag Feelings

Friday was a tough day. A *mentally* tough day. It started off at 7am, with a gruelling visit to Michael the sports therapist.  Although I had already seen Michael on Monday, my foot just WAS NOT RIGHT.  It ached.  The dull pain was always there.  It needed more attention. It was wearing on me. Because, […]