What’s in a Word?

I grew up being called skinny.  One of my friends in the eighth grade told me that I had legs like a horse – you know, knobbly kneed.  My mother said I was thin. I met up with a friend this week – I hadn’t seen her since just before Christmas.  She saw me and […]

Vitamix Experiments: Orange Sorbet

Late last year, to celebrate the end of YEARS of planning and renovations in our house, I bought myself some kitchen toys – including a Vitamix.  Since then I have been experimenting with it – like making the curry paste for my version of Nigel Slater’s Thai Green Curry – SO EASY! And milling my […]

Town of Runners

On Saturday I had the opportunity to head over to 1948 London to see a screening of Town of Runners, the new documentary directed by Jerry Rothwell and released in the UK on the 20th of April (yep – Saturday – I attended one of the first screenings!)  If you follow me on Twitter you […]

If It Hurts, Why Do It?

This weekend was fantastically uplifting for me for a number of reasons, but probably top of the list was wandering down the street to see Town of Runners, the documentary film about the town of Bekoji in Ethiopia.  I will do a separate post on the film, what it said to me, and WHY YOU […]

Going Gluten Free – 4 Weeks On…

This post is a round up of what the past four weeks of eating gluten free have been like for me – and of the consequences of eating gluten when I have more or less been clean, as a means of seeing how my body reacts to it.  It is a post where I describe […]

The 2012 Egg Hunt Triathlon – Buttercup!

We just spent two weeks in Florida, on our annual visit to family, combined with a bit of swim, bike and run.  When we finished training we would talk – you know, triathlon talk – things like “how do you feel, how do your legs feel, how does being back on the road feel” – […]