Memories – Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream

I love the triathlon community. And I equally love the foodie community. Anytime I pop onto Twitter I can find an interesting discussion in my stream about the latest seasonal produce, or the newest restaurant, or “the best place” for whatever food is of the moment.  My google reader is full of my favourite food […]

The Gluten Free Experiment, and Cake

This week at our house we have embarked on a two week gluten free experiment. For a few years I have listened to DH say how he thinks that eating pasta and bread may be causing him stomach issues.  I have always contended that this is probably down to portion control – when he eats […]

Fatigue, Triathlon Training, and CMT

One of the things I struggle with is fatigue. I’m never certain if my fatigue is from being active, from being a “type A” do it all person – or if it is a manifestation of my nerve disease.  It is said that people with nerve problems often get fatigued easily.  I can feel fatigue […]

Friday Food: Cookie Dough, Three Ways

At the end of our house renovations last year, I promised myself that I could indulge in a few kitchen toys.  One of these was an ice cream machine.  I got it into my head that when it comes to treats, I should only eat what I make.  And taking this to the n-th degree, […]

Challenge. Athlete.

Yesterday evening I had a running session with James Dunne of Kinetic Revolution. It was a back-to-the-basics run biomechanics session.  Seems that my old habits – of hip flexor dominance in running – have come creeping back into my run form.  So it was back to basics.  The good old heel lift.  Lots and lots […]

Friday Foto: Crazy Feet!

I posted this image on both my Twitter and Facebook account, and am contemplating if it will be a part of a refresher I will be doing to my About page.  It’s *that* photo of my foot and my sister’s foot. My foot is on the left – noted by the fading round mark by […]

You Are An Athlete

I had business meetings in Tokyo on Monday, so I found myself in Tokyo for the weekend.  I absolutely love Japan, and there are few cities in the world where I think you could never be bored.  Tokyo is one of those cities. On a mission to find what was described by DH as “the […]