My Rubbish Diet, Week 2

No, it’s not McDonald’s at every meal.  I’m on a diet to help me to become more “bin aware” and to work on reducing the amount of non-recyclable household waste we generate.  If you are interested in learning more about “bin slimming” and joining in the Rubbish Diet, I really encourage you to jump on […]

The Rubbish Diet

The Rubbish Diet. Maybe that makes you think of Supersize Me, and trying to eat only McDonalds all three meals for a month.  Well, my rubbish diet is going to be 8 weeks.  And it has nothing to do with food at all.  It is a programme designed to go on a rubbish (aka trash) […]

On Wine…

It is no secret. I enjoy wine. Especially with a meal, but often as an after work drink on its own. I first decided to learn about wine when I lived in Japan.  I joined a wine club, and bought two bottles a month for home delivery.  I got to sample wines from small estates […]

It’s Not The Cupcake’s Fault

A few months ago I had enough. I was tired of reading about how cupcakes were evil.  Really? You are calling a *cupcake* EVIL? Poor cupcake.  What did you do to be called evil? It seems, so, well, wrong to call you that… Evil (adjective) 1.  Morally reprehensible 2.  Arising from actual or imputed bad […]

Egmond 2012: The Half Marathon That Wasn’t

Warning:  this may not be the cheeriest post I have ever written. 2012 time: 1:36:00 2011 time: 1:41:37 Improvement: 5 minutes, 37 seconds Total distance run: 10.67 kilometers (according to Nike+) I have so much to celebrate with my Egmond quarter marathon performance.  I ran and felt strong for the first 5k.  The weather was […]

Friday Food Posts, A New Project, and Homemade Granola

When I first started to blog, I used to schedule my posts – themes per days of the week.  So Monday was training, Tuesday tips, Wednesday all things charity, Thursday my random thoughts, and Friday food.  In 2010 when I upgraded and launched this website (when I became Beating Limitations, rather than My Fitness Year), […]

Plans for 2012 – My Triathlon Season

On New Year’s Day I went to the pub to catch up with a few friends.  While I sat drinking my water (she says shining her halo – yes, I did, I caught a pretty huge cold over the holiday period, but I still wanted to see people!), someone asked a pretty obvious question for […]

All Clear, Breathe Easy

Today marked my final appointment at the London Chest Hospital since I contracted some chest thing last January.  I *finally* got the all clear. Yes, since January 2011 I have been working my way through “some chest thing” that I caught in Beijing.  I knew something wasn’t quite right after my trip.  I had a […]

The Teapigs Matcha Challenge

In December teapigs contacted me to ask me if I would be interested in participating in their New Year matcha challenge.  As you might remember from my December blog about my nutritionist visit, matcha is on the list of things for me to “take” to rebuild my system after getting totally run down with a […]