Running in Paris: 8k Along The Seine

Last weekend I went to Paris.  (I still think it’s so cool to say that – I’ve been an American-in-London for the past 14 years and have a British passport, but even so I still think there is something special about being able to get on a train and go to a different country!) Last […]

My Support Network

It is really easy when something is wrong with you to enter into a spiral of blame and despair. You can start to blame everything on your illness.  *Maybe I have tinitus because people with my disease can have hearing problems.* *All those years I stood in front of speaker stacks dancing in clubs, and […]

CMT Awareness Month

September is Charcot Marie Tooth Awareness Month.  In my La Parisienne race report, I noted that for the first time I wore my Team CMT jersey on the run, for all of those who manage life with a progressive degenerative nerve disease.  CMT affects 1 in 2500 people, including me. In honour of CMT Awareness […]

Thursday Thought: The Road To Success

Getting back into things after holidays is always tough.  I find myself clinging onto the relaxed feeling I found after two weeks of down time.  I was so lucky to spend the end of my summer outside, active, and with a permanent glow of happiness.  Laughter comes a bit easier now, and work stress seems […]