Thanksgiving Thoughts…

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays – it is the time of the year that I miss being in the US the most.  To me, it represents the best of American traditions – good food, time spent with family, chilling in front of the football, crisp weather…  I always describe it to non-Americans as […]


Serpentine I’m a member of the Serpentine Triathlon Club. Based in Central London, you always have a supporter in a Serpie!  

Hello 40!

Yesterday I was out to dinner with DH, and my friend Val and her boy.  We were joking around about birthdays and getting old, then suddenly I realised something.  I was the only 40 year old at the table.  I have always said that for me, birthdays are a chance to celebrate.  That the number […]

Punk Rock Racing

Punk Rock Racing Supported and clad in simply the best garb out there: For Like-minded people pushing the envelope against gravity today with the understanding that—win, lose or draw—they will be back tomorrow.  

LCD Soundsystem…

What can I say?  I live with a fanboy.  DH is a complete LCD Soundsystem fanboy.I think he first introduced me to LCD Soundsystem in late 2006, possibly early 2007.  I can’t quite remember.  I do remember sitting in one of our local pubs one evening in early 2007 – The Alice – they have […]

Cooking with Carrots

Monday is a rest day for me from training.  It is also the day of the week that I tend to cook for the rest of the week, using up ingredients in the fridge and getting meals planned for the week (incorporating the latest yummy ingredients from the weekly food box delivery). I got home […]

Random Thoughts as I Approach the Big 4-0

So, the big date is fast approaching.  The big 4-0… Me on the left, with my friend Fran, celebrating our 40th birthdays by swimming a mile in September A new look And on my 40th birthday, I will also relaunch this website. My Year of Fitness was designed to be longer than a year.  It […]

Cooking with Kale

Autumn is the time of the year when deep leafy green vegetables hit my weekly fruit and vegetable delivery.  I love leafy vegetables.  Probably because my mother was a big fan and grew her own.  There is nothing that beats fresh chard, steamed with just a little butter.  The perfect side for a warming meal. […]

Fitting in Fitness – On the Road Edition

Last week I set off on a quick business trip to Asia. Two autumn views of Asia Japan and red leaves China in golden light. I used to travel all the time for work – like three continents in 10 days all the time – but thankfully over the last year my travel requirements have […]