Wu Wei: My reflections on being a dead fish…

A few weeks ago I had a Twitter exchange with Alexsandar (aka @trishaman). It all started with one of his Random Thoughts of the Day (#RTOD): Only dead fish go with the current. To which I glibly replied: “Well, what about “going with the flow” or Wu Wei…” Wu Wei… Wu Wei is from Chinese […]

Let them eat cake! Apple Spice Cake!

Recently my weekly fruit and veg boxes have included apples. Lots of apples. I eat apples for snacks.  I have experimented with red cabbage and apples (served with duck breast, this was delicious!).  I have made applesauce to have with pork chops – cue: Brady Bunch flashback! With autumn and the apple season, I have […]

Making Strides: An Interview with Sue (Think Pink)

As many of you know, I am completely passionate about charity fundraising.  I do it.  And I am constantly seeking out people who also fundraise, to try to learn a little bit of their secrets, their magic. Via Twitter last year I was introduced to Sue Harmon.  Sue is an amazing woman – two time […]

Exposed: Out of the Shadows

Tuesday is the one year anniversary of the “Exposed” series of blog posts.  If you do not know about Exposed, in short, Mish decided that enough was enough.  She photographed herself, nearly naked, and posted her photo on her blog with various comments. Affirmations.  Words that celebrate who she is, where she had come from, […]

Gumby Knees, and more…

Note: Don’t try these poses at home! Last week I had a few moments when I stopped and thought about the term “double jointed”.  I got to thinking about it because the New York Times had an article in which they referenced a family that had “gumby knees”. When I was growing up I was […]