CMT: An Interview with Courtney

As you may know, this year I am focusing my fundraising in support of the CMT Association STAR initiative .  CMT is a progressive degenerative neuromuscular disease.  The CMT Association in the US is funding and supporting the search for a cure for (primarily) CMT1A, which impacts 1 in 5000 people, and along the way […]

Stretch Tip #4: Adductors (part 2)

In part four of my series of sharing fitness tips, I bring to you another simple but vital stretch I do to keep my legs loose.  I have been doing these regularly especially since I have changed my orthotic inserts in my running shoes.  The stretching is helping with my adaptation. I’ve been working with […]

Cupcakes, Anyone?

I am not even going to start this with a disclaimer.  This is a cupcake recipe.  If you are interested in low sugar, low calories, and no treats in your daily eating regime, read no further. Now for the good stuff.  This is an extremely easy recipe that I got from Martha Stewart (I love […]

Always Reach for the Summit

Always reach for the summit… Kulia i ka nu’u… “Kulia i ka nu’u” is a Hawaiian olelo, or proverb.  Olelos are part of the oral tradition passed from generation to generation in Hawaii, my homestate.  A place that will always be a part of my heart, no matter where I am in the world. “Kulia […]

No Time for Trials and Tribulations…

“Everybody makes mistakes, but I feel alright when I come undone… You are not making me wait, but it seems alright as long as something’s happening…” James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem Have you ever had a goal in mind, and then, for some reason, you just didn’t push hard enough to meet it? Why does that […]