Let them eat… Bread!

For some reason a lot of my friends and the folks I interact with online (via Twitter) have been talking a lot about baking bread.  Baking bread does not have to be difficult.  I have two great recipes, both from Cook’s Illustrated, and both absolutely delicious. I will publish “bread” posts for the next two […]

Andres summits for a cause

Last summer I ran into my friend Andres.  We used to work together, and have shared a few drinks over the years (and lots of laughs). I saw him right before he was heading off to tackle Europe’s largest mountain, in the name of charity.  I mentioned to Andres that I would love to share […]

Plans. Big Plans.

It is still January.  My racing plans for 2010 are just taking shape.  As they take shape, my plans reinvigorate my training and give me purpose.  I take huge health benefit from being active, but there is just something else that I get from racing – an adrenaline shot, a sense of accomplishment, a buzz…  […]

Shannon’s Spinach Jalapeno Dip

In November on Twitter, Shannon (@hendy2) posted that she had a great recipe for spinach jalapeno dip.  I am a huge fan of chips and dip, so asked Shannon if she would share the recipe.  Now, she says that she got the recipe from her best friend, who got it from someone else, who got […]

Stuffed Shells, Stuffed with Goodness!

One of the great things about being on twitter and blogging is the chance to read other blogs, and to try out what I have been reading at home.  Be it fitness, food, or random recommendations, I can go into the blog-o-sphere and walk away with great ideas.I picked up this recipe from The Runners […]

My 2010 Charity Fundraising

It’s 2010…  That means a new year, a new race calendar, and for me, choosing which charity to support with my athletic efforts…And this year I will be supporting CMTA – the Charcot Marie Tooth Association, and their STAR campaign to accelerate research and find a cure for the most common type of the most […]

Thursday Thought: EXPOSED!

Thanks to Twitter I have learned about the “Exposed” movement… A movement in which people (men and women) photograph themselves.  Post the photos on their blogs.  And comment away, on their photos, to try to share who they really are.  All with a healthy focus on body image. I have decided to Expose myself for […]

Slow Down!

In the summer last year Christine Lynch (aka The Holisticguru) posted on Twitter a few things about the “Slow Down Diet” by Marc David.Now, for those of you who know me, you’ll know that I don’t do diets.  I have, however, experimented with eating.  I have experimented with cutting out carbs – it helped me […]