Tradition: Christmas Thoughts

It is Christmas Eve.  To me, Christmas Eve marks a few things.  Tradition, and family. The 2010 Christmas Song Challenge Clearly others look at Christmas as a time for tradition as well.  The results from the 2010 Christmas Song Challenge are: 1.  Nat King Cole – A Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) […]

CMT and Running – Some Observations

I recently asked Coach T to shoot some simple videos of me running.  These were the first ever videos I have seen of myself running. My first reaction?  Train wreck. Two days later? I am a bit less sensitive to what I am seeing.  I hate the videos less.  And I see different things when […]

The Real World Food Challenge

I do triathlon. I love to cook. I believe in fresh yumminess. I am intensely interested in all things food related. I also tweet, write (this blog), and read (non fiction, fiction, twitter, cookbooks, recipes, other blogs – you name it). The other day two of the tweeting blogging triathletes I follow, Megan and Sonja, […]

Paratriathlon – A Paralympic Sport?

As many people know, I have been seeking paratriathlon classification since 2009.  Classification – the process of establishing an athlete’s level of impairment – has been a long process for me.  This is often the case for people with more complicated challenges – especially challenges of a neuromuscular nature. Along the way I have been […]

Sleighbells Ring…

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Deck the halls with boughs of holly… “Fa la la la” and a bit of Christmas cheer on Beating Limitations! Sony got my street into the holiday spirit in October (yes, it’s fake snow)… And then Mother Nature chimed in just a few weeks ago with the real thing… […]

I wanna be like Ghostface Killah…

The year is winding down. In November and December, things tend toward the “less busy” side at work, and although we have a lot of meetings that wrap up the year and set things up for the New Year, a lot of the pressure lifts.  With less pressure it means I can spend a little […]

Why do *you* have a *coach*?

Coach. The dictionary defines coach as (from the Oxford online dictionary) noun.  An instructor or trainer in sport. Never one to got without a second opinion I also reference Miriam Webster online. noun.  A person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer. Coaching seems to be a hot topic of discussion, as 2010 draws […]

Thanksgiving Thoughts…

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays – it is the time of the year that I miss being in the US the most.  To me, it represents the best of American traditions – good food, time spent with family, chilling in front of the football, crisp weather…  I always describe it to non-Americans as […]


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