Strength Training: A Confession

I don’t know what has gotten into me.  I was so good for a while.  But then something happened. I used to get my training programme and, knowing that strength was my weakness, I prioritised getting my weekly strength session done.  I would get to the gym before work and knock out the day’s squats, […]

Stretch Tip #1 – Bent Knee Hamstrings

I started to blog with the idea that in addition to sharing my own triathlon journey, that I would also share tips along the way. One of my greatest supporters and a huge help to me along my journey to improve my fitness and strength has been Michael Collins. Michael is a sports therapist (although […]

Autumn: Pumpkins abound, time for soup!

I love autumn.  Of course here in the UK it means darkness, rain, and a chill in the air.  But I can’t shake the memories of being on the east coast of the US, enjoying the crisp air and the colours of the trees, football season, visits to the pumpkin patch and hayrides…  Ok, maybe […]

It’s October… Think Pink!

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Pink ribbons.  Pink parties.  Race for the Cure.  Komen walks…  Did you know 1 in 8 American women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime?  I know 1 in 8 seems a lot – or does it?  Think about it.  For me, when I think of breast cancer, I […]

Banana Bread: not for monkeys!

On Tuesday I posted to Twitter that I was going home to make banana bread on my day off from training.  The response was incredible – everywhere from “it is bad for you!” to “I eat banana bread on my long runs and rides”. We had a conversation at work as well on Tuesday, about […]

AJ’s story:  Life is precious…

Welcome to my Thursday blog.  Today is the day that I am going to dedicate to thoughts.  My own and others.  Mondays are about training, Wednesday about charity, Fridays about food.  Thursday will be thoughts – reflections from myself, guests posts, and the like. And today I would like to reflect on how precious life […]

New hardware… (or 4-5-6 pause)

After going from no running to attempting to run 4 5ks in 6 weeks, something was bound to happen…Before I started my efforts to re-learn running, I made sure to get the sign off from my doctors.  I have reduced sensation in my feet, very high arches, and weak ankles.  I wear orthotics in my […]

No, there are no tortillas in London…

I’ve lived in London for just over 12 years now.  And for 12 years, I have had to manage to satisfy my cravings for Mexican food through my business trips to Houston.  Sure, in the past few years a few Mexican places have opened up in London that kind of approach the most basic standards […]