Resolutions? No way. Goals? Bring ‘em on!

I remember when I was about 8 or 9.  Each New Year’s Eve my friends and I had a sleepover.  We would play Monopoly, watch TV (Dick Clarke and the countdown/ball drop in Times’ Square), and make resolutions.  I can’t really remember what on earth we resolved to do, at age 9. Actually, I can’t […]

Christmas Cheesecake

(I originally planned to hit the publish button on Christmas Day, but got caught up in the festivities, and had a food coma partly induced by this cheesecake.  I hope you enjoy the recipe and happy holidays!)My mother had what can only be described as a passion for cheesecake.  Maybe it was because she was […]

Since 1984

A few weekends ago I went to the track for the first time since, oh, I think about 1984. That’s 25 years! I have often said that the whole “learn to run” thing is proving, well, interesting.  Between waking up my muscles and improving my ankle stability and leg strength (I have a lot left […]

What Makes You a Triathlete?

Last week when I went for my paratriathlon assessment, I had to sign forms. I signed above the line that said “Athlete”. Hm.  I have never really thought of myself as an “athlete”. I mentioned this to my coach on Sunday.  That evolved rather quickly into a discussion about when someone can be considered a […]

Charity Wednesday: Inspired By Ironbaby!

It’s Wednesday.  Since the summertime I have been using Wednesdays to spotlight charity fundraising – I started off with my own efforts, in the build up to my own events.  As the summer went on, I was blown away by the incredible stories happening in the world of “athletic endeavours for charity” – I started […]