Just like mom made it (kind of): Scallop Stirfry

A few weeks ago I bounced around the idea of doing occasional Friday fit tips and food things on my blog.  The fit tips will come from my physio (yes, Michael, I am still waiting for the slides!) but the food tips will come from yours truly.  Based on what I love in the kitchen.  […]

The amazing things people do…

Last week Wednesday I highlighted my friend Elizabeth from college and her Timberman Half Ironman triathlon for the Make-a-Wish foundation.  I have known Elizabeth for a long time and was super excited to spotlight her efforts for charity.This week I am going to spotlight someone I only “know” from the Twitterverse.  I “follow” Richard Jeggo […]

What Happened to Monday?

Sunday:  we arrived back from a blissful two weeks in the mountain.Bam!  Hit by the jetlag stick.  In a big way.  The time difference is 7 hours, and flying east means that when the alarm clock went off on Monday morning at 7, I had only just managed to hit a deep sleep about 2 […]

The Timberman – For Make a Wish!

I like to post charity fundraising blog updates on the Wednesdays before races.  No, don’t get excited.  I am not doing the Timberman 70.3 Triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 36 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run) – but my friend from college Elizabeth is, and she is doing it for the Make-a-Wish foundation of New Hampshire.I […]

A Tri of Firsts!

This past Saturday I did the RUSH Triathlon (sprint distance) in Rexburg Idaho.  I know, it is a long way from London!  But we were going on holiday to Jackson Wyoming, and as my DH had to pull from the London triathlon due to being sick, he found this alternative in Rexburg that happened to […]

Muffins and Muffin Tops…

In the last months, as I have followed more folks on Twitter, I have seen my Twitterfeed periodically overwhelmed by muffin bashing.  Two types of muffin bashing.  First, the outright disparaging comments about folks who carry extra weight around their middle, leading to belly overspill around the trouser / lycra waistband area.  And second, the […]

Taking the Plunge

Wow.  Last week I did it.  On more than one front.  I took the plunge. I like to keep my options open. Sometimes I hate making choices (making commitments) as I feel like I have closed down some options. If you look at my academic, professional, and personal life, you can see the signs.  When […]

I TRI because I CAN

I CAN and I DID.  On Saturday I did my third sprint triathlon.  But I feel like it was my first time.  And in some ways it was – this year’s London Triathlon marks the beginning of my commitment to the sport.  In 2007 I TRI’d to see if I could, and I barely did […]